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U7 – Discovery Program​ 

The U7 – Discovery program is for brand new players who are 4 years old (or older). The Discovery players learn to skate in full hockey equipment and work on basic hockey skills throughout the season. Players have one 60 minute ice time on the weekend and it is usually on the same day, same time and at the same place. Discovery players do not play formal games.

U7 – Junior Timbits

The U7 – Junior Timbits program is designed for newer hockey players who are 5 years old (or older). A child can register in Junior Timbits even if they have not participated in the Discovery program. These players may already possess the ability to skate wearing full hockey equipment. Junior Timbits are introduced to technical hockey skills in a fun environment, but do not play formal games throughout the season. The focus in Junior Timbits is on player development in forward and backward skating, stopping, puck handling, and an introduction to hockey. Sessions occur on the weekends (once per week), with each session being 60 minutes in length.

U7 – Senior Timbits

The U7 – Senior Timbits program is designed for children who are 6 years old. A child can register in Senior Timbits even if they have not participated in Discovery or Junior Timbits. This program focuses on player development in foward and backward skating, stopping, puck handling, and an introduction to hockey. Games in this division are non-competitive with no score kept. The emphasis is on skating and learning basic hockey skills with an introduction to team building. Sessions will occur on the weekends (twice per week), with each session being 60 minutes in length. There are two weekly sessions (1-Skill Development Session and 1-Small Area Game Session) usually held on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

The U7 season starts in October and finishes in March. All levels of U7 have the opportunity to participate in the Fall Festival in December and the Winter Jamboree in March. Tim Hortons provides socks and participation medals every year and jerseys every second year. Registration for U7 is ongoing throughout the year.

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Please visit Hockey Edmonton for more information on the U7 program.



Becket Sawchuk
Jaxon Achtymichuk
Kale Duquette
Kaiser Dang
Keanu Stewart
Leo Halabi
Logan Roe
Maxine Nawrot
George Krukowski
Llewyn Peters
Niko Harrison
Nixon Holowaychuk
Sawyer Landry
Slade Meneen
Thomas Montpellier
Witten Holowaychuk

Junior Timbits

Adam Assaf
Ethan Roy
Gaelen Poon
Jayden Brisson
Lachlan Tenhove
Liam Tenhove
Matthew Lachance
Elliot Schaefer
Ezra Dingwall
Hendrix Rogers
Isaac Bots
Luke Besuyen
Noah Riboreau
Ty Grossman
Damian Cardinal
Gabriel Damiza
Hassan Jomha
Henrik Granberg
Hunter Souza
Kholeton Soungie Krammer
Isaiah Asefaw
Mounir Yic Camara
Sebastian Amyotte
Olivia Hennessey
Eric Sibulak
Natalie Sibulak
Leen Labek
Levi Kutcher
Isaac Romero M'pova
Malik Chehayeb
Colt Apsassin

Senior Timbits

Airah Montgomery
Aydin Assaf
Braxton Mcculloch Smith
Connor Vandermeer
Hunter Smith
Jesse Schenk
Joel Montpellier
Kyah Keller
Luca Nardi
Olivia Ahearn
Parker Jackman
Ryan Hoyte
KC202 Rebels
Ashton Carleton
Brayden Lee
Eesa Ahmad
Hayden Hryniw
Hollis Beauchamp
Jaxon Dressler
Lincoln Jongsma
Mateo Gajic
Reign Garcia
Riley Bresnahan
Trystan Melnyk
Aiden Dockrill
Albert Apsassin
Avery Goyette
Bauer Casavant
Brooklyn Dockrill
Callie Waschuk
James Ryll
Julianna Zarowny
Kohen Empey
Lyle Lambert
Paxtin Mason
Remy Borys
KC204 Grizzlies
Ali Haymour
Dilpartap Mangat
Hussein Haymour
John Hanley
Joshua Berezowsky
Kaizlee Quinney
Kuol Alier
Linkyn Rempel
Luca Soto
Lucy Menard
Mateo Tadic
Xavier Ott