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• To evaluate players and tier teams in accordance with the tiering policies set forth by Hockey Edmonton, the Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL) and the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model.
• To provide a 3rd party impartial player evaluation for Time Trials and Evaluation games.
• To create balanced and competitive teams in each division based on the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model.
• To create teams with players of similar skill level and development at the beginning of the season.

Parental Guidelines

To ensure that we can provide a fair evaluation and minimize stress during the evaluation process we ask that parents refrain from distracting any skaters or evaluators during the whole evaluation process. Please adhere to the following rules: 

• No interaction whatsoever (before, during or after evaluation games) with parents or those related to the players being evaluated.

• Parents are to keep away from the glass, benches, and boxes during the Evaluation process. 

• Parents are asked to only spectate sessions when their player is participating. 

• Please refrain from yelling from the stands during the Evaluation process.

Players should be ready to remain focused on the on-ice proceedings without external influences. Players may experience anxiety during evaluations. Please keep the emphasis on having fun and try to provide a supportive environment for your player. We value your help in ensuring a transparent, thorough, and balanced process that will result in a successful and enjoyable season. 

Parents who do not adhere to the above will be removed and banned from attending the rest of the Evaluation process.  

Evaluation Schedule

We are excited to embark on another year of KC North evaluations! KC North has contracted Competitive Thread to facilitate our time trials and evaluate our players for age groups U9 – U13.

There will be 1 skate per player, for age groups U9-U13 between September 5th – 8th. This ice time will allow players to get one test run skate on the Time Trial drills to help prepare them for evaluations.

Time Trials will take place on Saturday September 9th at Castledowns Arena. We will start with U9 and work our way through to U13, along with 2 goalie development skates.

Evaluation games will begin on September 10th  for U9, U11 & U13. Note that evaluations will go on until September 16th or 17th

Schedules are coming soon.

Evaluation Method




Evaluation Concerns

In the event that a player or parent(s) does not agree with their player’s placement during or
after evaluations, the player or parent(s) may file a grievance in order to have their case heard
by an Evaluation Grievance Committee. Please see Section 6.0 in the KC North Evaluation Handbook for more information.